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Director of Internationalization Information and Service Division


Associate Prof. Hung, Ching

Email: ChingHung@gs.ncku.edu.tw

Tel : +886-6-2757575#50931

Fax: +886-6-2373551

Staff of Internationalization Information and Service Division


position wanted

[Substitute: Roger Lin ]

Email: iisd01@email.ncku.edu.tw
Tel : +886-6-2757575#50957


  1. Processing the below funding applications for internationalization-related activities of the departments and units of NCKU
    • The funding for supporting NCKU full-time teachers, postdoctoral research fellows and students to attend international conferences
    • Scholarship for transnational study
    • Processing the short-term international volunteer project
  2. Examining the Department’s expense reimbursement procedure funded by “The Aim for the Top University Project”
  3. Reviewing the business-trip reports


Roger Lin 


[Substitute ]

Email: z10910026@email.ncku.edu.tw 
Tel : +886-6-2757575#50935


  1. Assisting incoming and outgoing students in applying for the following scholarships
    • Ministry of Education Pilot Overseas Internship and Training Grant program
    • Government and Foundation Scholarships
  2. Assisting Departments in processing documents for international students coming to NCKU for short-term internship and training programs/activities


position wanted

[Substitute: Roger Lin ]

Tel : +886-6-2757575#50958


  1. Maintaining the operation of computer servers and database systems, and digitalizing the OIA-related databases
  2. Setting the Immigration Department account for managing the short-term visits to Taiwan of individuals from mainland, Hong Kong and Macao